2015.12.16 Release 【初回数量限定 ランチバッグ付】水曜日のダウンタウン ② #ダウンタウン #水曜日のダウンタウン

I like how weird this is! The people don't look like actual people, and there is hardly any value change in the colors. Super interesting to look at


Application: Pinned for that mixed drink in the middle. A sort of "cheers! Nice colors too.

多摩美術大学|卒業制作優秀作品集|グラフィックデザイン学科|天畠 カルナ

多摩美術大学|卒業制作優秀作品集|グラフィックデザイン学科|天畠 カルナ

Minakani - Tiger

This design is balanced because of the repetition of the tiger, there is not direct focal point in it. The design is also on a vertical axis.

MATTHEW TAPIA AMD - really digging this neon sign style!

second publication project done back in March for a local publisher, Chinatown Newspaper. I was asked to come up with a graphic that embodied the essence of Chinatown, as well as the spirit of.

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i´d like to be one of those anonymous characters in the movies, like the one who serves the coffee, or the other who opens the doors.