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spyrale: “Cammy loves cats by Lixin Wang ” Keep Chun Li, my favorite British Bumblebee is all I need.

boringmu: I know lot of you fall in love with Samus when the first time you beat the game,right? Samus in zero suit is just super perfect in Super Smash I love the new idea!Can’t wait to play the game!

The super cool video game and sci-fi inspired illustrations of Daniel Vendrell Oduber aka Vandrell, a digital artist and illustrator from Spain.

chun-li cross-laced_footwear double_bun electric_sheep fighting_stance full_body highres jewelry lace-up_boots sash sheer_legwear side_slit solo spiked_bracelet spikes standing_on_one_leg street_fighter white_background

bad id bangs blonde hair blue eyes bodysuit from above gun metroid nintendo ponytail samus aran skin tight solo weapon zero suit