Kaiseki: chrysanthemum of squid

squid sashimi Richard Haughton - Food - Poissons - Un Art du Japon / Cooking and visual art are so interconnected.

Japanese Kaiseki

Prepare someone a Kaiseki meal. I need to start practicing how to make dashi stock. Hmm before that I need to know where to buy kombu seaweed or bonito flakes first.

Japanese Traditional ‘Kaiseki Cuisine

Japanese Traditional ‘Kaiseki Cuisine’ Presentation by Chef Kunio Tokuoka|懐石料理 Food Noir.

Kaiseki ryori (懐石料理) Traditional Japanese meal ceremonial courses.

These are traditional Japanese meal ceremonial courses that are made from the finest seasonal ingredients. Yes, anything food-related and I'm THERE.

Nakamura (3-Michelin star Kaiseki in Kyoto