Bear Country

Not sure who this logo is for but I love the simplicity and use of negative space./// The use of negative space for bear design is very simple and creative.

Chobani Logo

Chobani Logo

NATURAL CONTOUR Chobani Logo this is a double meaning Logo, the letter "c" is the head of the sheep.


Icons of the week — #53

This edition of Icons of the week is sort of a special edition. Our good friend and very talented illustrator Mette Ranking, designed a range of cute and cool animal icons. The icons were done as a side project as Mette explains… Having worked on several

Logo inspiration

The ocean blue colour, along with the fish makes the viewer aware that this logo has something to do with the sea, and also creatively uses silverware for the fish bones to show that it is probably a seafood restaurant.

Japanese Barcode Design - Cool Hunting

Graphic - Japanese barcode design are too cute to realize~~~lol 這條碼也設計的太可愛了.

The Looking Glass on Behance

Love the simple illustrated water and geometric shape. It's got depth as well, as you start to realize that the simple hexagon is a shape//// I like the water like effect that's around the floating bolder.

Elephant Combs logo designed by TBWA/India for MKV Household Products. (via Logo Design Love)