please make me bear bread. Another Pinner: Bear Bread. The recipe is translated from japanese, so it's all metric and stuff. but I bet these would be fantastic with just some standard sweet bread and a cup of tea with honey.

Petits radis souris.

Des souris en radis

Summer, flowers in the garden, soft breezeanything to make us want to eat outdoors. Today, I suggest a kids picnic basket to add a magical touch to the experience. A bit different than a typical evening at the restaurant!

bear pancakes.

adorable teddy bear pancakes - My lil ones will love this! My hubby is the pancake master in our home. I'll have to share this pin with him for our next Sunday pancake breakfast.

Yaki onigiri bear in onsen


bear rice ball w/ soup / japanese style ♥ Bento - - this is the most relaxing looking bowl of soup ever.

bear roll sandwich


Bear and Rabbit cookie

『* クマ&ウサギ クッキー *』

3 rabbits rice ball


Chick Charactered Rice Ball in Curry Vegetable Soup


Kids Meal Idea: Chick Charactered Rice Ball in Curry Vegetable Soup ♥ Bento

Bear doughnuts

Bear doughnuts ♥ Dessert--- why does everything from Japan have to be so kawaii?