Learn how to cut strawberries into roses. See this tutorial and more at ashandcrafts.com

Strawberry Roses

What a pretty way to serve strawberries as a snack or a cake cookie decoration alternative to icing! Learn how to cut strawberries into roses.

Lion cookies ~ adorable! Don't look for a recipe (unless you read Chinese). Looks simple enough...sugar cookie on bottom and swirled peanut butter cookie dough on top, with a couple of peanut halves for ears. The face features can be your own creativity.

look like spritz / round cookie, vanilla wafer center, piped icing, peanuts for ears.


Japanese Sweets, Wagashi Milky Way Yoh-kan. Tanabata (or star festival) celebrates the meeting between Orihime and Hikoboshi (Vega and Altair respectively). These two lovers are allowed to meet only the seventh day of the seventh month( july

花福 Hanafuku - Lucky flower

花福 Hanafuku - Lucky flower wagashi (Japanese pastry) food recipes, world food