japanese food packaging by akaoni

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese food packaging (looks like craft paper with yellow and black marker drawing or animals — mouse, squirrel, rabbit, bear? Not sure what food this would be . but great packaging.

池袋西武 リニューアルオープン 2009

simple, bright, bold, fruit and vegetable icons — poster for SEIBU Ikebukuro department store: by Shogo Kishino, 2009

Kow Yokoyama  raptor_chips_01 by chrissyturnerafterburner, via Flickr

Kow Yokoyama by chrissyturnerafterburner, via character char


Ippon Matsu

nae-design: “ Ippon-matsu “one pine tree” beer literally, by Kota Kobayashi.

Akaoni  森の家 米袋  Client. Morinoie  Rice Package  2010 Yamagata  Art Direction & Design : 小板橋基希 Motoki Koitabashi  Illustration : 日野洋子 Yoko Hino

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots


I love the simple use of two informative graphics in this design, it clearly explains what the product is in two ways, providing for an interesting design as well as a visual aid of the liquid inside.

泉パークタウン タピオのロゴ:「北欧」「森」「精霊」でできあがったロゴ | ロゴストック

泉パークタウン タピオのロゴ:「北欧」「森」「精霊」でできあがったロゴ | ロゴストック

和倉温泉「虹と海」のロゴ:組み合わせの妙 | ロゴストック


和倉温泉「虹と海」のロゴ:組み合わせの妙 | ロゴストック

Noren (entrance curtain) vol.46 "cycle"    のれん紀行46 町家のまえには 「自転車のれん」 by wakokato

Noren (entrance curtain) vol.46 "cycle" のれん紀行46 町家のまえには 「自転車のれん」 by wakokato


"Ikisara kisara" 107 - [towel moist rice bran] seven Sei Nakagawa store [packing] [expand] Yu Nakagawa Ikisara kisara · seven Sei Nakagawa store official shopping site