Traditional Japanese Bento Boxed Lunch (Umeboshi Pickled Plum on Rice, Grilled Salmon, Tamagoyaki Egg Omelet, Pan-Fried Calamari Ring, Veggies) |塩鮭弁当 by chiho

Traditional bento featuring mushroom Hamburg steak, gratin, wiener flower, and hard-boiled eggs.

Beef rolled onigiri bento box, featuring sides of tamagoyaki, fried cucumbers, sesame carrots, and broccoli & chikuwa bonito flake saute

Foodie Spotlight: Bento Box - A lunchbox filled with steamed white rice, pickled ume, meats and fish!

Tulip fried chicken wings, hand-rolled sushi and cucumber tun, butter soy sauce sauteed corn and edamame, oranges, cherry tomatoes.

揚げないけどやわらか!ささみのフライ レシピ・作り方


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Sweet and Sour Chicken Bento

This Sweet & Sour Chicken Bento uses the leftover from my Ootoya’s Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe for a delicious portable lunch! Served with steamed rice, ramen egg & Japanese potato salad on the side, it can be put together easily with some planning ahead.

Why we not do this to in Europe.T or at least in Amerika.S, Asians can think about the smartest things for trips or school, or work.