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新井竹芸 伝統工芸/ Bamboo craft man Japan
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埼玉の奥武蔵にある創業80年の竹製品の販売店。 日本の伝統工芸品である竹細工を扱い、竹かご、竹ざるの日用品から開運熊手、神酒口といった神社向けをご用意。 職人が一つ一つ作っている国産の竹製品を手に取ってはいかがしょう。/A store selling bamboo products that has been in business for 80 years in Oku-Musashi, Saitama. We handle bamboo crafts, which are traditional Japanese crafts, and offer products for shrines, from everyday items such as bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets to good fortune rakes and kami sake mouths. Why not pick up Japanese bamboo products that are individually made by craft man?
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