Cherry blossom, Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan. Amazing! I want to visit Japan soooooo bad! Maybe even study there in college!

ℕ Ḱ - W ✿ R L D ❤ ♥ ❤ Cherry blossom, Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan. I want to visit Japan soooooo bad!

Tokyo, Japan

Japan Travel Inspiration - Japan - Omoide Yokocho restaurant alley decorated with plastic cherry blossoms, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Yamaga, Kumamoto, Japan | Kenta Ichimiya 山鹿温泉

We could use lights in the umbrella demon to show all the features of him

❤ Kawaii Shop ❤Hanayashiki amusement park, Asakusa, Tokyo

The Oldest Amusement Park in Japan. I stayed at Sakura Hostel Asakusa almost literally next door. This was more or less the view out my window.

Symphony Of Light / Sumida river, Tokyo, Japan (Taken during Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2013)

Sumida river was filled with millions of solar-powered LED light balls to show how it looks like years ago when fireflies are still present in the area. (Taken during Tokyo Hotaru Festival


Japanese Sweets, Wagashi Milky Way Yoh-kan. Tanabata (or star festival) celebrates the meeting between Orihime and Hikoboshi (Vega and Altair respectively). These two lovers are allowed to meet only the seventh day of the seventh month( july

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