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2016年の流行さきどり!商用可のスケッチ&水彩ペイント用デザインキット The Digital Designer’s Artistic Toolkit


another pinner wrote: "Pretty laundry blowing in the wind." my comment: I love the fresh scent of laundry that has been lined dried on a beautiful day!

I want pink balloons !

ballons & roses - make a wish and set them free at your weddings balloons; float into the air and represent the beautiful unknown roses; represent love, beautiful even with age

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I want these pink pencils! maybe I'll use them to write an old fashion love letter. on scented stationary and everything, lol


under your sweet embrace♥ love pink, lace, umbrellas, whimsical & pretty things, nature & sunny days♥

スー・ブラックウェル 「Dwelling -すみか-」

スー・ブラックウェル 「Dwelling -すみか-」

信じられないほど美しい!フラクタルアートな花 - Fractal Flowers -

Fractal art is a type of digital art that's considered new media. It's not drawn or painted by hand, rather, fractal-generating software is used that relies on mathematical calculations to visually display objects. Carrara, Italy-born Silvia Cordedda was