隈研吾、藤本壮介、長谷川豪らが原寸大で具現化した“未来の家”。この夏注目のHOUSE VISION!【Report】 24枚目の写真・画像

12 Futuristic Houses by Japanese Architects Architectural Digest Yoshino-sugi Cedar House. Architect Go Hasegawa collaborated with San Francisco–based company Airbnb to craft this two-story dwelling, clad in Yoshino cedar, as a combination community cen


Diff sizes for snowflake art Art DIY Paper flowers. A nice way to decorate packages without buying wrapping paper or bows. I made a bunch of these last year for Christmas :) diy_crafts

Pit house: UIDが手掛けたキッチンです。


I don't know if i'd want a walk way above the kitchen bench, but I LOVE how they have integrated nature into the interior - UID Architects, Japan.

RED HOT, 3leapfrogs: •=• •=• •=• HOT DAMN! Here’s a...

RED HOT, 3leapfrogs: •=• •=• •=• HOT DAMN! Here’s a...