Artifact Masque

Artifact Masque

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Using what's inside to make a pattern for the outside. Wellington Chocolate Factory Packaging by Gina Kiel

のらくら農園 パッケージ | homesickdesign

The pop of color in the actual product is genius for marketing. Immediately my eye goes straight to the center, then to the different patterns and classy layout on the edges. Solid product box with a high class design

My Abuela's Table not only tells the tale of a love affair with Mexican cuisine (and exactly how to make it), but shares the great affection Daniella Germain holds for her grandparents Abuelo and Abuela, and charmingly illustrates the couples own bond, di

Beautiful bottles and packaging for Moria Olea, olive oil from Greece.

Every Thursday, The Branding Journal selects some beautiful and creative packaging designs. Today’s edition presents 20 elegant olive oil bottle designs.


Shen Fu Ren Ginseng Products on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery PD

Didino olive oil

Didino olive oil label is in my humble opinion inspirational. Ordinarily, Ed Poultry could care less about labels on bottles. But in this case, the type and design are very cool and easily transferable to a favor box.