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BEDROOM/寝室/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション

BEDROOM/寝室/フィールドガレージ/FieldGarage INC./リノベーション


Johnny Lowe posted Such a cozy and calm bedroom.I love the white, simple looking sheets, the bedside lamp on a pile of magazines and the decoration on the wall. Photograph by Kat Heyes to his -For the bedroom- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

☆ white

COLOR: This bare, white bedroom matches the idea that the apartment in the set is finished, but also not. The color is simple and shows that the room is finished, while also maintaining the blank look. Each room in the set would be similar to this one.

女性の一人暮らしのワンルームって狭いし、憧れたインテリアにするにはどうしたらいいの?って、思いますよね。 そこで海外のワンルームを参考に、どうすればスッキリおしゃれなお部屋にできるのか、ごいっしょに学んじゃいましょう♫

It’s no secret that I’m having a major white decor moment in my current design-obsessing. After living in our bright and funky apartment for a few years now, I’m hankering for a bright white space.