CONVERSAR por Juan Morant, a través de Behance

CONVERSE - Juan Morant (via Behance). Obvious influence from pop art, however wouldn't class this piece as a work of pop art - more modern art. The use of bright colours and the way the shoes are laid out make them look like they are joined making the ima

スニーカー sneaker illustration

スニーカーI'm suppose to have this many new sneakers now at Walit house. Quernas ser me novios chicos

"You've been working out; and now you fit into your monster suit comfortably. Meet me upstairs."Illustration by Kristian Hammerstad.

Supremeの画像 プリ画像

And so our Trip begins. Palm trees, salt water, vw bus, travel and summer, what do you want more?

ロンドンのイラストレーターStephen Cheethamさんの作品でNIKEのスニーカーを年代別に描いたイラストアート。 デザインの歴史が一目で分るスニーカーマニアにとってはたまらないイラスト図鑑といったところでしょうか。...

London based illustrator Stephen Cheetham has created a series of sneaker illustrations focusing on his favourite Nike silhouettes from the to the