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Need a neat way to store your items? Open shelving allows for perfect storage and unique design! We sell brackets and shelves that can easily be placed in your home!

Industrial Floating Shelf or Spice Rack from This Old Wood Shop

Industrial Floating Shelf or Spice Rack from This Old Wood Shop

Source: 10 Favorites: Rustic Open Shelving in the Kitchen

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Those of you who have small kitchens must be smart with storage solutions. We've a bunch of cool and practical kitchen drawer organization ideas for you.

Kitchen,食器,かご,マグ,見せる収納,ボウル,野田琺瑯アムケトル,ディスプレイ難しい,連続投稿すみません,キッチン背面棚のインテリア実例 | RoomClip (ルームクリップ)

Kitchen,食器,かご,マグ,見せる収納,ボウル,野田琺瑯アムケトル,ディスプレイ難しい,連続投稿すみません,キッチン背面棚のインテリア実例 | RoomClip (ルームクリップ)

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Like the idea of adding hanging baskets to a pot rail to free up space on my cabinet, and would attach the pot rail under the Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen

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Ugly Kitchen Quick Fix: Kitchen Carts x 2 -- IKEA kitchen carts, shelves and bar with S hooks, baskets and magazine files from HomeGoods, glass canisters from Walmart : Cozy.

キッチン事例:キッチン1(SOU (リノベーション))キッチンカウンターのニッチ

キッチン事例:キッチン1(SOU (リノベーション))キッチンカウンターのニッチ

収納棚の下にハンギング  フックと突っ張り棒等のバーに、ハンモック状になるネットを合わせてフルーツや野菜をスッキリ収納。 床から浮かせると通気性も良く、邪魔にならないので嬉しいですね。 ネットだけではなく用途により、カゴや布袋等の持ち手をバーに通し、気になる収納を上手く収納できます。

Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammock - Prodyne Enterprises - Space Savers - Camping World I know this is suppose to be neat but It is really just a banana hammock.

To make your own chunky floating shelves you can use a variety of materials. The most affordable option would be to use PAR and laminated pine, but you could also use Meranti or other hardwood, or you could use marine plywood. Another alternative would be to use 16mm MDF and then finish with paint.

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