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Our Favorite Entries to DeviantArt’s RICK AND MORTY Fan Art Contest

Adult Swim's Rick and Morty is a magical television program for several reasons. One is that it contrasts high-level concepts like divergent timelines and

gregmelander: “BEVEL (via - leManoosh) ”

leManoosh collates trends and top notch inspiration for Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Architects and all creatives who love Design.

Sony PS-F5 Portable Turntable - Shared by The Lewis Hamilton Band - - -

The Sony Portable Turntable.way, way ahead of its time, but find one now and it's perfect for spinning vinyl (which has come back in a very big way). There was a time when SONY ruled the electronics design world.time for a revival?

tilting sink by gwenolé gasnier

tilting sink by gwenolé gasnier (a second water outlet could be better for preventing waterhole)

Found by Ralf Schmid

Noto is an international design studio for design research, product design and business design based in Cologne. We design growth by enriching life.

Mezzo Radio | Deigner: Ionna Vautrin - for Lexon

Mezzo is a small radio with a vintage touch … It’s basic controls associated to a voluptuous shape give “Mezzo” a familiar and endearing air. It comes in four colors to match any room in the house. Mezzo Radio, by Ionna Vautrin, for Lexon

Soap holder printed with PLA, two pieces detachable and washable. The pattern of the plate has been made with the infill tool of Slicer.

Stuck for ideas for what to print? Bored of pointless printer projects? A list of cool things to print which are genuinely useful.

Lego hair bicycle helmet.

Lego hair bicycle helmet.

this lego hair bike helmet. Simon Higby and Clara Prior created this super cool helmet LEGO hair with the knowledge in mind that of children don’t wear