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My relationship with God and exercise helped me to come off antidepressants and I am more in control of my mood now. The chemicals released when I pray and when I exercise are the best medicine ever!

Prayer Of The Day – Controlling Anger --- Dear Lord, I am so sorry for my anger. I know that it is sin when I take out my anger on my husband in a negative way. Please help me to have self-control when it comes to anger. I realize that anger is an emotion

Teach me to be patient. <3 in Jesus Almighty Name amen

Patience is a key that is so often ignored and misunderstood. We dont see patience as a necessity. Everything has to happen now. But Jesus himself said in Luke vs. In your patience possess ye your souls. So, Yes Lord, teach us to be patient!

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Trusting in the Lord will help your everyday life and there will be lots of times when you stop and ask yourself, "Why did God choose me for this to happen?" But that is part of how God works. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! Needed to hear this!