This is a really well designed poster. At first I was very impressed with how crisp the wine looked and as if if was going into a invisible glass. Then I realized there was a instrument incorporated in the design as well.

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I love the combination of the wine and the saxophone in this poster. This is a great example of a minimalist design with a double meaning. The saxophone represents the "Jazz & Blues" and the Pouring wine represents the winery where the even is being held.

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art deco design Dutch Graphic Design “An Offering of Uncles” by Saxton Graphic Associates Blaumut + Llúmia live poster: Quim Marin ( Marin D.

Wabi Sabi Wasabi: by Kazuto Nakamura

Wasabi and shoyu are very command copule,designer use wasabi and shoyu draw a very Asian style three ,it is interesting.

村越としや 写真展「大きな石とオオカミ」

村越としや 写真展「大きな石とオオカミ」

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