Beauty of how lights go in the morning is as beautiful how lights get out at night.

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Biei, Hokkaido, Japan

♂ Silence nature blue water tree Biei, Hokkaido, Japan༻神*ŦƶȠ*神༺

the detail of a float for Gion Matsuri Festival, Kyoto, Japan 祇園山車

Many old textiles cover a parade float at the Gion Matsuri Festival, Kyoto, Japan. Photography by roverwhofloats on ganref

enkouji temple, kyoto 圓光寺

Enkoji (圓光寺, Enkōji) is a temple of the Rinzai Zen Sect, situated in northern Kyoto close to the Shugakuin Imperial Villa. It is famous for its autumn colors which are usually best in late November.

橋本環奈 #少女 #写真

A photo of Japanese idol Kanna Hashimoto performing at an event in November 2013 went viral. Upon seeing her innocent and natural beauty, .

[JP] Noren 暖簾 (のれん) -  traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. Commonly, noren have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to nearly the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing.

[JP] Noren 暖簾 (のれん) - traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms…

Firefly festivals in the summer capture spirit of growing up in old Japan

O, this enchanting forest in the Chūgoku region of Japan is the home to gold fireflies that charm the area regularly every year and in other areas of Japan with clean water. Many people attend a Hotaru Matsuri (Firefly Festival). Amazing :D I love Japan