This church in Detroit. | 17 Abandoned Places That Will Give You Chills

This church in Detroit.

Church in Detroit - 17 Abandoned Places That Will Give You Chills - (does anyone else find this gorgeous?

Garthland escalera de casa por Bora Horza - Situado en las afueras de Lochwinnoch, fue una de las más majestuosas mansiones de Renfrewshire. El gris-rosa arquitectura de estilo Tudor del edificio de dos pisos fue realzada por un pórtico de columnas, elegante escalera, muros cubiertos de hiedra, pórtico de frontón, chimeneas alza, techo inclinado y exquisitamente tallados buhardilla y ventanales. Construido en 1796 por el rey David para terrateniente acaudalado James Adam. Todavía es…

The staircase of Garthland House, situated on the outskirts of Lochwinnoch, Scotland. The home was built in 1796 for a wealthy land-owner named James Adams.

ネコになって九龍城っぽい巨大な廃墟の中をウロウロできるゲーム「HK project」が開発中 - DNA

ネコになって九龍城っぽい巨大な廃墟の中をウロウロできるゲーム「HK project」が開発中 - DNA

Window of abandoned place. Wonder what happened here and the story. #abandoned #places

Tattered Curtain Fall No. 4 by Sari Sauls - Tattered Curtain Fall No. 4 Photograph - Tattered Curtain Fall No. 4 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

東京から2時間で異世界へ!地底湖クルージング『オオヤ アンダーグラウンド』がヤバすぎる | RETRIP

東京から2時間で異世界へ!地底湖クルージング『オオヤ アンダーグラウンド』がヤバすぎる | RETRIP

BEAUTIFUL abandoned places you will want to see for yourself ...

/ Photo "Initiation Path (Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal)" by Jason Lee Hong Jet

独自の荒廃した都市を描くイラストレーター東京幻想。 見慣れた街の風景がまるで核戦争でもあったかのように廃墟化した様は、なぜか幻想的で郷愁さえおぼえる不思議な作風です。...

The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. // Yoyogi Station {the link says it is an illustration, but it's cool}

廃墟6 もっと見る


【神秘と恐怖】人に見捨てられた美しくも不気味な場所20選 | CuRAZY


Abandoned and Back To Nature 10 Old Homes, Island house Finland. If this is a lake I could live here.


The Atlantis Hotel located in Bathsheba, St. Joseph parish, Barbados (Photo by Chris Smart)