Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

"The mama duck unfortunately died after the young ducklings were born. The mama duck’s best friend, a white Akita dog, decided to take over the role of a mother. The ducklings have bonded with the dog and they have become inseparable ever since.

フクロウの赤ちゃん1 もっと見る

salithewitch:myfriendscallmekazzy:stunningpicture: Two happy owlets AHHHHHHHHH and they’re covered in snow so they’re moist owlettes


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Quaker parrot, sometimes called Monk parakeets, and yellow parakeet.

Tiny miffed bird, wearing what looks like a fur coat. If Al Capone came back as an Angry Bird - the live action version - this would be him.