Wagashi come in an astounding variety of shapes and styles, and are variously classified according to the cooking method used, such as steaming or baking, or by their water content, namely the uncooked and very moist namagashi or omogashi, the less moist han-namagashi, and dry higashi sugar candies.

Wagashi come in an astounding variety of shapes and styles, and are variously…


Japanese Sweets, Wagashi Milky Way Yoh-kan. Tanabata (or star festival) celebrates the meeting between Orihime and Hikoboshi (Vega and Altair respectively). These two lovers are allowed to meet only the seventh day of the seventh month( july

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cute wagashi in pastel colors



Japanese sweets

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一日一菓 「岩根躑躅」 鹿子製 >very interesting Japanese sweet< wagashi of one day "Azalea" 本日はつつじです、 鹿子に煉切で作ったつつじを添えてあります。 都会の中でも割とポピュラーに見られる花の一つですね。

Japanese sweet of one day "Azalea":「岩根躑躅」鹿子製

“Sakura Jelly“ in Japanese sweets.(^_^)

“Sakura Jelly“ in Japanese sweets Wannaaa!

【新感覚!!】キウイ、ミント、ラズベリー…四季のハーブやフルーツを使った諸星みどりさんの「創作和菓子」が美しい! | Pouch[ポーチ]

Wagashi Of Summer.

Fairy Food

Fairy Food

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Eatable balls in the tranparent jelly-type sweets


One of the Japanese traditional confectioneries, agar jelly, these are made by Kameya Kiyonaga Shop.

一日一菓 「羽ばたく君へ」 #煉切 製 #wagashi of the day“Flay to you” 本日は「羽ばたく君へ」です。 針切りで表現しました。 先日、地元のイベントにて高校生諸君の素晴らしいミュージカルに携わらせて頂きました。心震えるとても感動的なステージに感謝を込めて、彼女達をイメージして作りました。この作品を「劇団叶夢here第1期生」へ捧げます。 感動をありがとうございます。どうか純粋な君達が羽ばたく未来に、たくさんの幸せな花が咲きますように。 It is today "to fly you" It was represented by a needle cutting. The other day, I was allowed Tazusawara a great musical in high school gentlemen at local events. In gratitude to the heart tremble very impressive stage, we made with the image of the girls…

fly to you


Japanese sweets titled "Star of the night sky" /// what even is this wondrous food

Japanese peony made of food

Wagashi : la mignonnerie des pâtisseries japonaises

An Exquisite Wagashi, Jounamagashi / Tokyo Pic

Halloween wagashi

Halloween wagashi