Bridal #kimono with veil!

Wedding looks are already being submitted for Emperor Kaito's up coming nuptials to Queen Levana of Luna this September on the night of the Full Moon. And there is hope that Her Majesty might use Eastern Commonwealth Fashion

Different types of kimono

Time, Place & Occasion (TPO) Charts for wearing Kimono. Immortal Geisha has a good general chart, a good thread topic and a highly detailed chart. “Where do you want to go wearing your Kimono?” sourced from Shimazakura’s website.

kimono japan!

What can be more beautiful than to wore a kimono as a geisha do? Well, first of all, kimono is a Japanes.

Japanese Fashion - Kimono

(振袖): furisode literally translates as swinging sleeves—the sleeves of furisode…

kimono of the finest soft on the skin.

Geisha girl- she would make an awesome tattoo! y'all should research geishas and see what they stand for!

Kimono | Japan

Kimono - I would like to glam up dress up in one one day hopefully with my Japanese friend Natsumi :)




Presumably Hanhaba obi used for variation of CHO (butterfly) musubi?

Backstage at Victoria's Secret Show, 2012

Miranda May Kerr is an Australian model. Kerr rose to prominence in 2007 as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

お洒落なファッション、リアルクローズの着物ブランド awai|着まわしコーディネート [ 薔薇 ]

お洒落なファッション、リアルクローズの着物ブランド awai|着まわしコーディネート [ 薔薇 ]