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naturalpalettes:  photo by Marko Vesterine

So, I’m excited to announce the Colors of the Clouds palette! It’s an eyeshadow palette collaboration between myself and Cosmetics by Tanderson! The palette was inspired by the photo by Marko.

Wes Anderson palettes

Another Wes Anderson example- he uses striking color palettes to focus your attention and to create a unified mood across his movies that's retro, dream-like, and immersive.

karen o'neil

Learn painting — with BOLDNESS and a BIG brush. Karen O’Neil shows you how in this extensive step-by-step painting demo. From still lifes to landscapes, the approach to composition always comes down to the same steps.

Blending Tutorial by on @deviantART I've ended up forgetting about DeviantArt's simple button to share right to Pinterest. ANYWAY... here's a tutorial on blending colours in Photoshop. Generally, it's a much more natural result than using the gradient tool, and who can resist rough blending? Not me.

Blending Tutorial by on deviantART I personally think blending using this style is better than smudging and blurring as it gives a more realistic effect

Nsio explains: Line Dynamics by Nsio on deviantART via

Sixth tutorial in my "Nsio explains" series. Going with the very basics of drawing a line. The basic idea of a line:Most people perceive the world as if. Nsio explains: Line Dynamics

Face Study Tutorial by ~nailpipe on deviantART ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES | キャラクターデザイン •

I& had some requests to describe my digital art process, particularly with this old face study that everybody seems to like. My process varies quite a bit from piece to piece, but generally .