Free pattern in French and an English translation exists at Ravelry: Poisson 20g pattern by Aurélie MarieMad.

I have a thing for fantail goldfish - Ravelry: crocheted fish pattern by Aurélie MarieMad

Principle - Variety.

This illustration is really nice it shows a variety if different things and i really like how easily it gets the message across. Instead of the balloon containing nothing it has water with fish in which i think is a really good idea.

cat+in+the+hat+baby+shower | Photo 6 of 16: The Cat in the Hat / Birthday "Cat in the Hat Triple ...

The Cat in the Hat Birthday Party Ideas

Fish Tank Phone Booth - Rose Garden, Nakanoshima Park, Osaka, Japan. art installation, part of Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2011 Festival (promoting healthy waterways & environmentally-friendly practices). photo by Otaku Subreddit

Meanwhile, in Japan: A fish tank phone booth [PIC]

Funny pictures about Fishtank phone box in Japan. Oh, and cool pics about Fishtank phone box in Japan. Also, Fishtank phone box in Japan photos.

Japanese Sweets "wagashi",  Goldfish_Bowl

Wagashi "fish bowl" - inspiration only, no recipe but you can make this with homade jello putting it in a plastic bag and a round bowl

Japanese Silk Embroidery

July from - Enjoy all levels of Japanese Silk Embroidery and Beading with Mary Alice Sinton. Join us for a few relaxed, fun-filled days of stitching and conversation. Going to miss this one, but interested? SAVE-THE-DATES: Nov. is the next class series.

オリジナル手彫り下駄・赤い金魚 右近L - はきもの・きもの 弥生

オリジナル手彫り下駄・赤い金魚 右近L - はきもの・きもの 弥生

Goldfish NecklaceAnimal by bugga on Etsy

Goldfish Necklace,Animal Necklaces,PlexiglassJewelry,Lasercut Acrylic,Gifts Under 25

Fantail Goldfish

Fantail Goldfish (carassius Auratus) Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Don Farrall