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a person holding a wine glass filled with ice and raspberry spritz
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of glass doors that lead to the outside
beautiful floors and doors! this is such a nice thing to do with hex tiles
two men standing in front of a counter with blue pipes hanging from it's ceiling
空間の主役は電子基盤のような配管レイアウト / 海外オフィスデザインのまとめ / オフィスデザイン・レイアウト WORK KIT
an entrance to a restaurant with plants growing out of the windows and on the balcony
Fill In The Blank.....【カフェ, Sukhumvit Soi 61】 - タイ料理ライターブログ
Fill In The Blank
an empty room with several shelves on the wall
MOZILLA FACTORY SPACE - 空間デザイン事例 - デザイン情報サイト[JDN]
children are sitting on the stairs in front of bookshelves and looking at them
狭くても大好きな場所になる ~狭小スペースの活用術~|SUVACO(スバコ)
a wooden wall with books on it in a room filled with plants and potted plants
an open book shelf with many books on it and the words made - to - order sliding doors
• Pretty done with plywood, but a bookshelf wall is a beautiful thing.