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a person standing in front of a tiled wall with the word smash written on it
Mosaic Lettering
🎈Custom Mosaics tiles on your floor #mosaictiles #mosaicletterings # mosaicfloor
a dining room with blue walls and wooden flooring, white chairs and a large painting on the wall
Esszimmer heute ● #alpinafarben #altbau #ruhed...
Im Esszimmer bei MiMaMeise – skandinavisch trifft auf Vintage! #living #wohnen #wohnideen #esszimmer #holzdielen #IKEA #einrichten #interior #COUCHstyle
an office lobby with wooden walls and flooring
cement sales counter by arrangio | Archello
Stores need to be innovative, and therefore different - daily business competition. The franchise business KULT wanted to build a design-store and asks us to design and manufacture the cement counter top of the sales counter. The store was first opene
the interior of a coffee shop with tables and chairs, potted plants on the counter
Feast of Merit Cafe — HER CREATIVE
Feast of Merit | Richmond, Australia /
a room with white walls and wooden furniture in the center, along with a sign that says c - house / 54
C-HOUSE/564, Architecture & Design Studio | Reception Desk #office #architecture
the interior of a restaurant with tables, chairs and menus hanging from the ceiling
Restaurant Visit: Hangar Eenenveertig in Antwerp - Remodelista
cool cafe
a man standing behind a wooden table in a kitchen
A New York Deli Comes to Berlin - Remodelista
The piece that started it all: an original Pirkka table and chair set by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara was the launching point for the design scheme.
a woman sitting at a table in a bakery
Cafe Interior | Restaurant Design | Bakery Ideas
Captivatingly Casual Cafes
an image of a restaurant that is on the app for people to see their food
The Musket Room | New York
a table with two chairs and a chalkboard on the wall behind it in a restaurant
iconic Cafe
iconic Cafe by Fireworks , via Behance
several chairs and tables in an open area with light bulbs hanging from the ceiling above them
April and May
If I saw this cafe I would run to it and never leave. This is my so style!! Love the different industrial type chairs, too cool!!
an old brick building with several tables and chairs in front of the door that leads to another room
Hurwundeki Cafe | London #raw #industrial #space #brick #wall #cafe #interior #style #decor
a small coffee shop with yellow stools in front of the counter and open door
Get up close and personal over a toasted baguette at compact Polish snack bar...
Get up close and personal over a toasted baguette at compact Polish snack bar...