Minimalistic Redesign of Photoshop

Minimalistic Redesign of Photoshop

A photoshop redesign. Aim for a simplier, cleaner and more flexible interface.

Garden O Estudio.

Gorgeous one-page website for Garden Estúdio. Beautiful rendering of the paralax scrolling through the landscape, the animations of the self-drawing line art, and the hover effects of the exquisite iframes. This site has all manner of responsive design!


I recently created the brand identity and website design for Beliyf. I wanted to share some of the design concepts behind it and how I went about conveying the brand message through the design…

Lighthouse Brewing Company

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a progressive thinking microbrewery producing a distinct range of all natural beers. We began our brewing tradition in 1998 when the first kegs of Race Rocks Amber Ale rolled out to the Victoria public.