I have only grown one lotus in my pond but it was one of the highlights of my garden summer that year.

pink lotus Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it ^Beautiful Lotus Flower Love flowers!

Número do azar: A pronúncia do "4" é shi, em japonês, que é a mesma pronúncia para a palavra morte. "9" é pronunciado como ku, mesma pronúncia da palavra dor. Hospitais e hotéis geralmente não têm o quarto e o nono andar. Portanto, não se deve presentear nada ligado a esse número ou composto por 4 itens.

Japan has always been my number one location to visit. This is Kyoto, and this looks like one of the most beautiful cities! It's my dream place to visit

Lanterns at the Yasukuni shrine matsuuri, Tokyo (July 14th-16th), Japan by mikeintokyo, via Flickr.

Lanterns at Yasukuni shrine, Tokyo, Japan.It is a lantern for every spirits of the heroic dead who protected our country and died. Yasukuni shrine is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Gotokuji, the birthplace of Maneki Neko. The Buddhist temple is located in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Gotokuji Maneki Neko The Buddhist Temple Setagaya Tokyo Amazing discounts - up…

Nachi Falls, Nachikatsuura, Japan

Nachi Falls, Nachikatsuura, Japan – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World