Les oeufs au plat rigolos..

egg and sausage flower Not too sure about the greens or the toast.

Koinobori bento


Koinobori bento for Children's Day bento - Ham fish. ~ screw children, this food is mine!

Duffy rice curry

Duffy rice curry (Not quite right for Bento, but cute and edible all at the same…



Sara☻☻さんの(petit main)を使ったコーディネート

Sara☻☻|petit mainのニットキャップ・ビーニーを使ったコーディネート

Spam Egg Rice Musubi (Popurar Rice Ball in Okinawa Japan)|スパムエッグむすび

Spam Egg Rice Musubi (Popurar Rice Ball in Okinawa Japan). I find it curious that several of the places the US had military influences over have such a diet rich in Spam. I say because I am from PR

キャラ弁*ふわふわダッフィー レシピあり

キャラ弁*ふわふわダッフィー レシピあり

kannn ⁂さんのコーディネート

kannn |ChampionのTシャツ/カットソーを使ったコーディネート

BREEZE | (デニムパンツ)

miyuuu.|GLOBAL WORKのワンピースを使ったコーディネート

緑のお耳のくまちゃんのキャラ弁 - ◆きょうのおべんとう*キャラ弁

This is the guide for those ladies who want to marry their love for Kawaii with their sexy and sophisticated tastes! Kawaii with substance, creativity and cuteness craving gratification.



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