◉◡◉ Writer and artist Tove Jansson come from Finland ◉◡◉ - Finland is country between Sweden and Russia ◉◡◉ ◉◡◉ ◉◡◉ in finnish this pictures characters are: Primadonna's horse and Niiskuneiti ◉◡◉

Moomin cookies

These Moomin biscuits were commissioned by Kitka to celebrate the first birthday of their shop Mjolk. The biscuits were expertly iced by Lindsey Bakes whose other confectioneries you can see here.

Moomin design in children's room

Moomin design in children's room - i have officially decided how I'm gonna decorate the play room if i ever have kids.


That's about how I felt when my mother came home from the hospital with yet another sibling. :P Tove Jansson