Hercules Bicycles advertisement. Apparently its good for your legs, too! Visit us @ http://www.wocycling.com/ for the best online cycling store.

Vintage ad For Health and Happiness Go Cycling, Kerstrell Ladies Club, Hercules Bicycles advertisement

Great old Pontiac Ad.

Items similar to 1956 Pink Pontiac 860 Best Dressed Car Horse Farm Stables Original Print Ad on Etsy

Studabaker "Luxury Cars" 1955

Studebaker - my favorite car as a child. I remember this car fondly, trips to Indy with my dad.


A full size color 1974 advertisement for the Toyota Celica GT. Featured in yellow, an up close photo of car's front and interior. Detailing 5 speed gear box and

1940 Plymouth The One for 41 Original Car Print Ad

1940 Plymouth The One for 41 Original Car Print AdLarge Single Ad - Between 10 x 13 to 11 x 14 inches, suitable for framing.

... extra hands by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

Delta Airlines - Ugly uniforms, but they paid more than the other airlines. Early days - Pre mid , you had to be either a nurse or a teacher, in other words a college graduate.

Vintage Greyhound Ad - 1948

Greyhound Kickoff For Big Events Of Fall 1948 - Mad Men Art: The Vintage Advertisement Art Collection

National Trailways Bus System’s Thru-Buses – Trailways operates more Thru-Buses…