Packaging...cute and clever #packaging #branding #Design Useful, with less waste and use of silverware. Really fixes a problem.

Packaging / cute and clever packaging design that is useful and with less waste plus includes silverware. Really fixes a problem.

London Fields Soap Company

I know it's soap, but there's something nice about the clean yet trippy quality of the labels. Agency: One Darnley Road Designer: Roisin McAvinney Client: London Fields Soap Company Type Of Work: Commercial Work Country: United Kingdom

Love this as a good alternative to a book layout. More

What to do when there is too much for a traditional book? This format can be very archival - chief drawback is losing individual pages.

As honey brands are currently trending I have chosen this example as my preferred choice. I love the detail within the packaging of the honey spoon.

Made by bees Packaging. There may be lot's of honey/bee inspired packaging out there but the way these fit together look stunning.


Wine-gifting: This package design is so simple but so eye catching. It's showing off the wine in a way that just putting it in a bag wouldn't be able to do.

PACKAGING | UQAM: Dessine moi un mouton | Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire

Draw me a Sheep by Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire. Now you need a cotton wool dispenser in the shape of a bunny with a hole at the tail. So the cotton wool bud sticking out is the tail!


Packaging Egg Box - No, it isn't software exactly. But it is a great example of a design that works well at revealing the beauty and nature of the content to the user rather than hiding it, which is what UX design ought to do more.

Świetne opakowanie produktu.

Packaging – Nice flower wrap with a handle. Used by a flower pop-up store in Amsterdam, from the online flower concept 24 Flower.

Butterfly cup of tea?

Funny pictures about Butterfly tea bag. Oh, and cool pics about Butterfly tea bag. Also, Butterfly tea bag.

Water Resistant Aluminum Wallet Made of a lightweight aluminum material and designed to easily fit into your purse or pocket, this Water Resistant Aluminum Wallet is perfect for keeping your valuables secure in a trendy packaging! Its water-resistant and crush-resistant material, makes this one durable wallet. Also featuring an accordion design to have easy access to your cards, the Water Resistant Aluminum Wallet helps you to stay organized and in a stylish fashion!

Water Resistant Aluminum Wallet

The Aluminum Credit Card Wallet is perfect for both men and women. It keeps your business/name/credit/ID cards etc. Note: Enlarge images for color naming.