Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

· Shiso Yukari chicken tempura/Chirimen Japanese pepper rice/Salt boiled edamame/Boiled egg/Fried butter soy sauce, mushroom and komatsuna wiener/Cherry tomatoes/ so many noms!

Inari Sushi Bento

Inari Sushi Bento Box, featuring sides of tamagoyaki, veggie chicken rolls, and cherry tomato

Grilled Salmon Bento 焼き鮭弁当

Brown rice, compote of red kidney beans, sauteed meat and vegetables, grilled…

Grilled Salmon Bento

I like the use of shiso leaf under the salmon, and the cupcake cups to store little dishes.

Japanese box lunch, Bento

"A must-see method for mothers who want to present perfect Japanese box bento lunches.