Bird of Paradise

28 Dazzling Exotic Birds You Probably Never Heard Of ~ Livingstone's Turaco. Turacos make up the bird family Musophagidae (literally 'banana eaters'). Depsite the name, they generally do not eat bananas.

blue birds

Beautiful blue birds perched on dark brown branches against a gray sky. What great color contrasts!

Photoshop & Illustratorでつくる手描き感デザイン

Photoshop & Illustratorでつくる手描き感デザイン

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【画像あり】 ネコたちによる同時多発ペロ発生


By fusing of porcelain and glass, Misa Tanaka has created some vessels called, Shizukana Sora (Quiet Sky), taking second place in this years Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka, Second Prize at Takaoka Crafts Competition

Flexible Neon Wire (Electroluminescent wire,cool Lighting,EL wire, glow stick rope) made in KPT company