Japanese Chocolate

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a packet of food that is on top of a white surface with the word kitkat written
New Kit Kat Kit Kat Fuwa Fuwa - Ujimacha Latte flavor. $2.08
a box of rocky chocolate crush with a bow on it
Pocky Crush Green Tea. $3.02
a box of coffee with some kind of liquid in it
Take no Ko no Sato - Honey Caffé Latte. $2.03
a box of japanese milk tea with marshmallows on the front and side
Kinoko no Yama - Bergamot Milk Tea. $2.03
the package is filled with chocolate candy sticks
Pocky Almond Crush. $1.77
a packet of green tea on a white background
Kit Kat mini "Otona no Amasa" green thé flavor. 12 packs. $3.44
a green box that has some kind of food inside of it on a white background
Melty Kiss Whips, green tea flavor. $2.08
pink candy sticks with strawberries in them on a white background, packaging design stock photo
New Pocky Midi Milk Strawberry. Medium size and two layers of chocolate: fruity strawberry chocolate and whip strawberry chocolate. $2.19
kitkat gran wafer with chocolate filling
Kit Kat Gran Wafer from Japan. $2.60