kimono in the snow

Blanket of snow covers Tokyo - Japanese women in kimonos walk during heavy snowfall as they attend a ceremony celebrating Coming of Age Day, Jan. Youths across Japan are honoured with special coming-of-age ceremonies when they reach the age of

Blythe DOll...

Wish this was a photo of a Pullip, not a Blythe, haha. But the kimono is pretty! -- Lemon Kimono Japanese Blythe doll with yellow hair & flowers

Japanese sitting posture, Seiza 正座... °

Japanese sitting posture, Seiza 正座 - I could never sit like this - dead giveaway…

Noh mask, Edo period (17th century), Japan

Noh mask, Edo period century), Japan was reading about this today

女性イラスト 大正ロマン和風レトロ 女給 菊11月 [Kisho Tsukuda]

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