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Ballet Cat Dances Like Nobody’s Watching (@ccchisa76)

I love to sing-aah about the moon-aah and the June-aah and the spring-aah<<<< this cat is magical and so is that reference.



"Let's all hang out together," they said to me. I didn't know they meant this.

Very strange picture! An elk lies on the ground resting while two lorises perch on its antlers. The loris is a slow moving and normally noctural animal that likes to climb.

Gonk the Snow Pug

Gonk the Snow Pug - Sweet dog! I worry that he’s too cold. I want to bundle him up and bring him inside where it’s warm!

おもしろ 猫 - Google 検索

Drama cat: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I have come here to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

toooo cute! seriously. someone needs to get me a frenchie. now!

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📸 Photobomb Pug 🎥 - Dear Pug lovers, I thought I would drop a quick bit of cuteness to start off the week. As we all know, Pugs are total hams 🐷 - no pun intended. Here we see the classic Pug photobomb technique in action. Cheers, Huxley - Chief Pug Of

possibly the cutest animal ever. - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

Here is a happy otter for you board. One day, you will be as happy as this otter.look at that cute smile c:



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