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Satoko Komori

Satoko Komori
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Boy with a Pipe – Garçon à la Pipe, 1905 - An early Picasso’s painting, designated to his Rose period. He painted this work soon after he came to Paris, showing a boy holding a pipe and wearing a wreath of flowers.

My Sheba used to chew up our floors and walls as a puppy. "Wha? Who? Me?"

Dolly did this to the walls for a little while. Thankfully she would peel off pieces big enough to take to Lowe's for paint color matching.

レオナール・フジタ (藤田嗣治) 《姉妹》 1950年

The collection of the Pola Museum of Art, which opened in Hakone Sengokuhara in consists of apporoxiamately works of art assembled by Suzuki Tsuneshi over some 40 years.