Bread & Butter Cafe, in Istanbul, Turkey

Bread & Butter Cafe, in Istanbul, Turkey haha sister evelyn would love this place butter mmmm

Biscuiteers | London

Biscuiteers Boutique - Bakery - Address: 194 Kensington Park Road, London United Kingdom 20 7727 8096 Hours: Closed now

York, Yorkshire, UK -- September 2013 with Cath; afternoon tea at the main/old shop and then purchases of scones and sweets at the big new shop

Have afternoon tea at Betty's Tea Rooms or Little Betty's Cafe in York

Cosy little teashop in Hay-on-Wye, often described as “the town of books”, in Powys, Wales (by Canis Major).

Bone China Tea Room, Cosy little teashop in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, South Wales, UK

Shop Front | Signage | So cool!

Bold Signage - For our window - Byron burgers - missing my favorite burger place in London! Signage over wallcovering?



鯖寿司の老舗いづうの暖簾(のれん・noren)= curtain hung over the doorway of businesses such as restaurants or shops

A noren is a traditional divided curtain hung across the entrance of a shop or restaurant. During the Edo period, customers would wipe their hands on the curtain as they exited a restaurant, so a dirty noren was the sign of a popular business.

Tamahan Noren in Kyoto Japan. Noren(暖簾 のれん) traditional store curtain.京都の情緒あふれる石塀小路にある老舗料理旅館”玉半”。

Tamahan Noren in Kyoto Noren(暖簾 のれん) traditional store curtain.