Since I remember, my heart loved the beauty of your soul . I've lost this connection, feeling, and that makes me feel sad ! I can not easily connect with people and I no longer want to connect with anyone, except of few spesific people.

huntersizzlingbeauties: “Hυηтεя™ ★”

huntersizzlingbeauties: “Hυηтεя™ ★”

The postings of a kept trophy wife of an older man. None of these are mine and i take them from the public domain. No nudity, but some adult themes so go away if.

Top 10 Countries With The World’s Most Beautiful Women (Pictures included)

Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill designer dresses are the favorite designer gowns for many of today's hot young television and film stars.

Photography by Caleb & Gladys

The pensive, beautiful mood of Autumn. Photography by Caleb & Gladys.


NSFW An appreciation for all the beauty that is woman. It's the smile on her face, the sparkle in her eye, the love in her heart and gentleness of her touch.