Simple stacked squares lighting.

Cubix Lamp

Cubix Lamp The cool new Cubix Lamp adds a stylish twist to the traditional table lamp. This unique sculptural lantern is made up of eleven geometric wooden frames that rotate along a single access,

Split Grain: Wooden Lamps and Sculptures by Paul Foeckler

Take a look at the collection of stylish minimalistic lamps and sculptures from California cypress. American designer Paul Foeckler offers these lamps and sculptures under the brand Split

Go Nature: 9 Creative and Cool Wooden Lamp Designs

Modern wooden table lamp - The Finnish designer Mikko Kärkkäinen designed for the light Tunto. The form language is very clear and geometric. Makes for a pleasant feel of wood. The lamp can be operated via a touch switch.

Modern Lamps by Liternity

Each Liternity light is a unique, individual piece handmade completely from carbon. This precious material is dimensionally stable, extremely light…

build up your lamp to get just the amount of light you want

Two arrangements of the same table light, Babele by Lapo Germasi, Gregorio Fracassi, Victor Pukhov and Francesco Massimello. The wooden sections fit around an illuminated central tube. They can they be arranged in any order.