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25 Seriously Worthwhile Pie Recipes To Impress Each And Every One Of Your Holiday Guests Banoffee Pie, Pie Recipes, Cake, Pie, Desserts, Holiday Pies Recipes, Holiday Pies, Ice Cream Pies, Just Pies
25 Seriously Worthwhile Pie Recipes To Impress Each And Every One Of Your Holiday Guests
I'm just going to say it: Pie is better than cake.
Apple Hand Pies
These Mini Apple Hand Pies are one of my favorite fall desserts — you’ve got to try this recipe! They’re buttery, flaky, sweet, warm, and so much more. Pair them with some ice cream for an even better experience @blessitsjeff
Japanese Home Cooking: Watermelon Kakigori
This is how @riemcclenny makes Kakigori (shaved ice) at home!
The Best Fudgy Brownies Kos, Dessert, Winter, Brownies, Recipes, Classic Brownies Recipe, Fudgy Brownie Recipe
The Best Fudgy Brownies
It's a classic brownie recipe. You can't go wrong.
Emma Chamberlain Erewhon Smoothie
@alexawhatsfordinner wanted to try Emma Chamberlain's Erewhon smoothie… but doesn’t live anywhere near an Erewhon! So, homemade it was 🫡 Verdict: DELICIOUS but it is a lot of ingredients for a smoothie 🤔Click the link for the recioe !
cupcakes that you need in your life with strawberries on top and the words, check out these cupcake recipes that you need in your life
Cupcake Recipes You Need In Your Life
Indulging in your sweet cravings shouldn't be a crime, right? From very chocolat-y chocolate cupcakes to amazing and velvet-y red velvet cupcakes these sweet treats will blow your mind away! So come on, take your pick and share your indulgences with a friend🧁👆 #cupcakeday
the cover of 25 ways to satisfy your chocolate craves, with an image of cookies
25 Ways To Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings
Dive into the world of delicious chocolate desserts!!!
a plate with donuts on it and the words classic glazed doughnuts below
Classic Glazed Donuts
Making donuts and munchkins from scratch can seem like an intimidating endeavor, but once you go homemade, it’s really hard to go back to store-bought. After you make the dough and let it rise overnight, you’ll cut the donut and donut hole shapes and fry them in a heavy pan. While they rest, whisk together the glaze and either drizzle over the donuts or dunk them in it. Add sprinkles if you want and enjoy your warm, fresh-baked treats — this recipe makes a lot of them!
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Butter Pecan Ice Cream Sandwiches
These Butter Pecan Ice cream sandwiches will be your new obsession thanks to @whisperofyum Click the link for the full recipe !
White Rabbit Ice Cream
You might find this White Rabbit Ice Cream really sweet, but very nostalgic! Click the link for the full recipe. Thanks @whisperofyum !
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard
The Best Fudgy Brownies Recipe by Tasty
The Best Fudgy Brownies
two pieces of fruit on a plate with ice cream and pistachio toppings
Red Wine Poached Pears Recipe by Tasty
Red Wine Poached Pears
Ice Cream Bread
Did you know you could make Ice Cream Bread with only 2 ingredients? @oldladiekatie
Avocado Dessert
Some may be used to avocado in savory dishes, but in a lot of cultures avocado in sweets is the norm! Here I’m making a very simple coconut-based tapioca dessert topped with nata de coco and avocado. Jasmine and Tea Canned coconut milk Sugar Tapioca pearls Nata de coco (coconut jelly) Diced avocado Ice In a small saucepan, combine the coconut milk and a few spoonfuls of sugar, depending on your taste preference. Click the link for the full recipe.
Tucker's Quiet Kitchen Rice Krispies
@tuckercomedy was crazy back then