Mayuko Chikuma

Mayuko Chikuma

Mayuko Chikuma
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Chevron diamond ring -- pretty little thing good for an unusual engagement or wedding

Crochet Earrings 2

diagram is for making lotus flower earrings!

Tatted earrings

Bacchanalia Tatted Earrings in Golden Yellow by ShopofVanities


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Crocheted hoops with beads

Hand made crocheted hoops. The interior panel is knitted with a turquoise/aqua/mint tone cotton thread and matching colour beads within the

Crochet earrings- So pretty!

Who's getting crafty? Make these pretty crocheted earrings for the summer and have fun wearing them.

crocheted again but with beads added

Olive Green Beaded Crochet Sterling Silver Hoop Earringsby CamilleMarie on Etsy

crochet beads necklace

Peacock Motif Necklace PIC ONLY; see peacock pattern pinned. Pictured item was on ETSY=sold.

タティングレース ピアス コットンパール

タティングレース ピアス コットンパール

タティングレースでアクセサリー tatted flowers necklace beads ribbons

making a flower necklace tatting