Trader Joe's bags used for wrapping

gifts wrapped in Trader Joe's paper bags. Great idea to re-use grocery bags from Joe's at Christmas time!

branded tape

really like this idea. //Branded tape is a simple way to extend your brand onto the shipping boxes that usually look like hell—with the labels, etc.

DIY Paper Peonies | Lia Griffith

DIY Paper Peony

Paper Peonies (template and tutorial) paper flowers - perfect for topping a gift

Teepee Save the Date / Device Creative Collaborative

Teepee Save the Date

Bonnie & Brock Wedding Invite {love the typography} // Device Creative Collaborative

Japanese Origami Chopstick Wrappers- Easy & looks good with nice paper

Chopstick Wrappers DIY paper craft idea - A Spoonful of Sugar - cute paper craft for the kitchen (or included in with gifts from the kitchen sets) or other uses.

Creative Direct Mailer Design. At first I thought this was pasta. Now I'm not so sure but still a clever #packaging mailer PD

IDEA: put something in a uniquely shaped envelope similar to this: DDB International: Chinese New Year Direct Mail,Chopsticks

Designers attempt to simplify chopstick etiquette

Graphic Design

Here to take the guesswork out of chopstick etiquette are designers Takeshi Hamana and Yuya Iwagaki who have created “temotoasobi,” an elegant packaging design for chopsticks that includes origami-like folding directions to create your own rest.