Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris 1954 by Ihei Kimura

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris 1954 -by Ihee Kimura. ref: Ihee Kimura and Henri Cartier-Bresson - Eastern Eye & Western Eye (exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)

by Ihei Kimura

by Ihei Kimura ( I hope the boy on the top IS laughing) hard to read, for me.

Ihei Kimura

1933 Japan Children in the Tohoku region gnawing radishes. There was widespread famine due to crop failure in Showa for nine years.

by Ihei Kimura

From the exhibition" Family of Man" -- Working the rice grain. By Ihei Kimura

P & F: "Morikawa Hongo town" Ihei Kimura

The intimate portraits and candid street photographs of Ihei Kimura – images that tell a tale of century Japan.

ihei kimura

From the 'Eye of Ihei Kimura', Asahi Camera Special Issue, circa This image depicts a geisha fixing her hair.