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How to Make Sour Cream

How to Make Sour Cream With Yogurt

All you have to do to make sour cream is stir in a few tablespoons of live yogurt into a cup of cream and let it sit in a warm place overnight! You can also use kefir or extra kefir grains instead of yogurt.

Garlic and Chive Cheese is a fresh, homemade pressed cheese using buttermilk and rennet. It can be made and eaten in the same day. It slices very nicely and makes a great addition to any cheese tray. The cheese has a sweet, milky taste. It’s delicious as is or with crackers.

Garlic Cheese Recipe With Chives - Food - GRIT Magazine

Garlic Chive Cheese - this sounds really good, but where the heck do you buy rennet?


Well now I need a teddy bear cookie cutter. Incredibly Cute Teddy-Bear Cookie Recipe You Won’t be Able to Resist

pink homemade sugar cubes

Homemade Shaped Sugar cubes (english instructions near the bottom of the page)