Kimono-hime issue 10. Fashion shoot page 48.  Via Satomi Grim of Flickr

Furisode 3 Coordinate from Kimono Hime Vol. 10 Scans by BikaBika Check out that shigoki obi!

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Uh oh, obi tied in the front? This is sure to bring a gloved hand to grandma's lips to hide her shock at the resemblance to an oiran of the pleasure quarters!

Yu Aoi...Doo inaka style??!!

Ngài Carl đã nói " sự tự do lớn nhất bắt nguồn từ những điều giản dị khắt khe "

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A true Kimono Princess uses every accessory – shoes, sox, purse, wrap, hat…

[No.104/109] JOTARO SAITO 2013~14秋冬コレクション |

[No.104/109] JOTARO SAITO 2013~14秋冬コレクション

ellensama: “ Jotaro Saito Designs I am just in love with this designer so badly. That hooded Haori is just pure fashion porn. This is like my traditional Japanese version of suit porn.

Or really fling every convention to the wind, and change the length too.

Your typical Japanese gyaru might be happy to see kimono-wearing go the way of ballroom dancing and tea ceremony, but a growing number of hip young women are adopting the techniques of alt fashion .

『 豆千代のある人生は きっと楽しい 』 : 劇団美意識 AKiRa times / Kimono Times + Mamechiyo Modern

『 豆千代のある人生は きっと楽しい 』 : 劇団美意識 AKiRa times / Kimono Times + Mamechiyo Modern