These are Japanese sweets that look soooooo tasty!

Japanese jelly sweets with bird and blossom

日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^) Japanese Sweets. 金魚型トゥルルンスイーツ♫(^ω^) Goldfish jelly kanten powder, sugar, apricot compote, diced pineapple, red peas, black sesame seeds

Japanese sweets - Goldfish jelly O.


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Japanese sweets

The delicate, sophisticated wagashi (traditional Japanese Sweets) are part of the traditional tea ceremony in Japan, and are eaten before the ritual bowl of matcha tea

生菓子, Japanese Cha-no-Yu Cake.

Ivy says: food is art. 生菓子, Japanese Cha-no-Yu Cake.



Orange wagashi

Japanese sweets Temari (Traditional Japanese handball ) so pretty!

Japanese dry confectionery, Rakugan 落雁

Japanese dry confectionery, for tea ceremony

長月-September とらや

nagatsuki by toraya

Japanese sweets

japanese sweet on patterned plate

wagashi | Positive Eating Positive Living: Wagashi 和菓子

japanese sweets at Toraya, Paris


Assorted Japanese Mochi Dumplings I love Mochi!

Japanese Sweets "wagashi"

Japanese Sweets "wagashi"